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Scalable Advanced Ring-based Passive Dense Access Network Architecture SARDANA

SARDANA is a 7th FP STREP project (proj. no. 217122), that targets the performance enhancement of dense Fibre-to-the-Home networks, also called PONs (Passive Optical Networks). They constitute the fundamental segment with the required potential to match the huge capacity of transport networks with the new user communication demands, where deeper research is still to be performed. The key performances that this project aims at radically improve are the scalability and the robustness, since they constitute pillars of such a cost-sensitive segment. Learn more about SARDANA.

SARDANA Wins Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2011! Check it out!

SARDANA Demo at FTTH Council Europe has been a big success!

For More information and First Demo Results Click Here and stay tuned!

The name SARDANA also refers to a popular Catalonian dance, where people conform a ring united by their raised arms. As you can see, network and dance have the same architecture!
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